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home-article-photoWelcome to the website of Upendo Daima, a small-scale project for street children in Mwanza Tanzania.

Mwanza is a fast growing city with many street children. Abandoned by their family or after losing their parents, the children are coming from the villages to town to look for work. The children, stealing and begging in gangs for their living, are confronted with hunger, diseases and violence.  An enthusiastic team with 22 Tanzanian staff, led by the Dutch coordinator Marga van Barschot, retrieves children from the street, takes care of them and provides food, education, counselling and shelter.

In the Back Home House 30 children can stay for maximum 3 months. After this period most children can be reunited with their family under supervision of Upendo Daima. If this is not possible or in case there is no family left, the children are brought to Malimbe Family. There we have enough space to provide a home for about 55 boys between 8 and 18 years, all children who had to live otherwise on the streets and steal and beg to stay alive.

Upendo Daima Netherlands supports and stimulates already for quite some years activities in Tanzania. The many private donors and organisations like Cordaid and the “Boekenlegger”, a second hand bookshop, make this possible. Do you want to become a friend of Upendo Daima and support the children with a donation, please push the button on the right hand side: SUPPORT THIS PROJECT and you will find all information you need.

We invite you to surf further on this website to get an impression of our work for the street children of Mwanza, Tanzania.

Tanzanian Sponsors

We do our best to get more sponsoring from Tanzania. Ultimately we want to be less dependent on the international donors, after all taking care of street children is primarily a responsibility of the country. And we see that we get more and more contributions from people in our environment, especially in kind.

arusha2Arusha 1

So we had three groups visiting Malimbe Family in September and October. First 21 runners from "Team Fitness" from Arusha, who had run half the marathon, came to visit our boys. Our acrobatic team and the traditional dance group gave a beautiful performance. The visitors liked it very much and were very interested in how we do our work with the street team and the Back Home House, primarily aimed at reuniting the boys with their families. They brought rice, sugar, bread, cooking oil, tea, and a large sum of money to support our work. The leader of the group has spoken to our boys and encouraged them to make something of their life despite the bad start on the street.

lions1lions3lions 4

The same week we had the Lions Club from Mwanza visiting us. We told them the story of our work, gave them a tour and treated them with the performances of our acrobats and traditional dancers. Symbolically an eggplant plant was planted in the garden as a sign of friendship. The Lions Club brought gifts along in the form of books and pens, flour, fresh milk and fruit juice and delicious biscuits and maandazi. In a speech they complimented the staff with the important social work we are doing for Mwanza region.

crbd1crbd 2crbd4crbd5

On 8 October we got the CRDB Bank visiting us as part of their annual social event day. Also they were received with an introduction of our work and performances of the children. It's every time very nice to see how enthusiastically the guys are showing what they can and how the public reacts. They also had a lot of gifts with him in the form of sugar, cooking oil, corn and rice, books and pens.

With this type of visits we are happy, not only because of the presents. It shows also that we are not alone and that there is appreciation from the local community for our work.

Ask for a present to support a street child

Do you invite your friends for your birthday and they ask you ideas for  a present. You are leaving office and they are asking what your farewell wishes are. Are there other celebrations and opportunities to ask for a present, please ask then a gift to support the street children of Mwanza. We made for you the following gift list:

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Cooperation with the organization

We have recently started a cooperation with the organization  "Railway Children of Africa" focussed on the capacity of reintegrating children with their family. The family is assisted now to facilitate a better integration. We also are able to support the family after the child has come home. We are very glad with this because we are able to fulfill in a better way our principal mission to bring the child home.

Latest news

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  • September 2016, Karimu Msingi and Cassian Migeni are friends since they met each other at Malimbe Family. They were found by our UPENDO DAIMA street team in Mwanza City around 2012 and after ...
  • June 2016 To get a better understanding of the work of our staff I wanted to join a home visit. As the holidays have started I could join Mama Lucy who was bringing one of our boys, lets call...
  • May 2016 Juma Mohammed, 16 years old, is coming from a family with 5 family members. Juma was living with his mother at Tagota village in Tarime District about 150 kilometers North East ...

Back Home House

Malimbe Family